1000BONUSEXPLOSION 1,000% Signup Match Bonus

1000BONUSEXPLOSION 1,000% Signup Match Bonus code for the Cool Cat Casino

Redeem code 1000BONUSEXPLOSION to get a up to 1000% Signup Bonus. Once redeemed, automatically get $100 Credit on your New Account. (You will have 5 days to play a variety of slot games to win up to 1000% SignUp Bonus on your 1st deposit.) Every dollar won is equal to a 1% SignUp Bonus, with 1000% as your maximum bonus. For example: A) $380 closing balance = 380% Sign Up Bonus. CLAIM YOUR SIGNUP BONUS: To claim your Sign Up Bonus, all you have to do is make a purchase of $30 or more and we will comp your purchase according to your winning percentage.


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