Strike Gold Progressive @ Vegas Crest Casino

Come and play the progressive Strike Gold Slot and others to win big at the Vegas Crest Casino and be sure to get your free spins and welcome bonuses.

Strike Gold

Strike Gold is a three reel, 1 payline, 2 coin slot machine. The Maximum payout (Jackpot) will only pay when all 2 coins are in play (Maximum Bet). There is a wild, multiplier symbol in this slot game.

Payout Schedule

The number of credits that are won is dependent on the bet amount as well as the winning combination on the payline once the Reels have stopped spinning.

Wild Multiplier Symbol

The Jackpot symbol is wild. It will substitute and multiply the winning combination it completes by the multiplier listed on the paytable. Three Jackpot symbols will trigger the jackpot. The payout is shown on the Paytable.

Playing Maximum Bet, and hitting 3 Jackpot symbols will pay out the progressive jackpot amount calculated at the instant that the win is triggered. This amount will be at least the amount shown on screen in the “Jackpot” area and paid as a dollar amount. Once a player wins the progressive jackpot, the jackpot amount will be returned to a base starting amount for all users, and it will begin to increment again.

The expected payback for this game of chance is about 94.23%.

Malfunction voids all pays and plays.